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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Greatest Left Sock There Ever Was

Jeremiah Cornelius Hanes was darned in a large, noisy sock factory in North Canton, Ohio. He was darned for wear. He was darned for war.

After his darning Jerry was paired with a Right Sock. Samantha was her name, and she was as white as the cotton she came from. Her seam was sewn tightly and perfectly and not a thread was out of place. Jerry and Samantha talked all the way down the line to the packaging department. They spoke of their dreams, about the feet they wished to warm.

In packaging they met five other paired couples, and were sealed into a large plastic bag with them. Little did they know the hell they would soon encounter in the darkness of the shipping truck.

Properly packaged and boxed, the socks were put in trucks going to various parts of the country. Jerry's truck was going Illinois. A relatively short trip you might think, but it's not when you're a Sock and being eaten by moths. The screams were terrible, the pain of being eaten by the winged monters could be heard throughout the truck. Their box was spared but Samantha went insane from the constant screaming.

Jerry was heartbroken from the loss of his one true love to the deepest recesses of her own broken mind. But he vowed to carry on, even if the Right Sock by his side was nuttier than a Snickers bar.

Eventually there was light. The truck had stopped and they were being unpacked. Jerry looked around, committing to memory the people, the sounds, the smells and the potential to become dirty and unwanted. His package was carried ever so gently to the rack it would hang on until sold. The package sold quickly and taken away from the store that held so few memories.

Upon opening of the package Jerry was seperated from Samantha and the others. He was put in a drawer with older, bitter socks. One was an old Right Sock that had been used on both the right AND left foot.

"My name is Matilda, young one," said she. "And one day you will be like the rest of us. Old, used up, mistaken for the opposite Sock. It's a bad life."

Jerry looked at her incredulously. "My life will be used for glory!"

And so it was.

The first time Jerry was worn he was put on the left foot, but not in a shoe. He was worn to bed. The bed the human who wore him slept in had many stuffed animals. He knew they were Sock killers. He'd heard the Socks in the drawer speak of their villiany, yet he didn't fear them. Instead he fought them with all the courage he could muster.

Once the lights was turned off and the human went to sleep the stuffed animals crowded in on him. He fought bravely through the night wounding and being wounded. They went on like this for hours, but in the short hour before dawn Jerry's wounds became too much for him and he was torn to pieces by the murderous stuffed animals.

Jeremiah Cornelius Hanes was darned a plain cotton Sock, but died a brave and much loved warrior.

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