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Monday, April 4, 2011

Kill the Messenger *Sunday Scribblings*

A disheartening message given,
a thing that sets your hope on fire.
The lips of the carrier bleed with despondancy,
'the news is not good,'
she warned you,
but you would not listen.
Now as the last ashes of your long held faith float away,
and you turn on the one dispatched to tell you,
tell me:
Would you kill the messenger?


  1. REally nice! I love the line, "The lips of the carrier bleed with despondancy" strong!

  2. What can we do with bad news? The event has happened even though the messenger now lies dead at out feet. Time is the enemy not our fellow creatures.

  3. Killing the messenger is always a futile exercise, and is not to be encouraged. TIC.

  4. 'The lips of the carrier bleed with despondancy'..what a powerful line I agree with Meryl..such a hard-hitting piece..Jae