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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Empty

I am the empty,
the void that calls your name.
I want you,
I need to swallow the light you bring,
cover it with my invading darkness.
I'll take your soul,
bend it,
twist it,
until you don't recognize the girl in the mirror.
Come to me,
follow your temptations.
I know your secrets,
that need to remain anonymous,
the desire for invisibility.
I am the Empty,
and I want you to become as I am.


  1. The ending makes me feel like you're talking to yourself I think? or perhaps an alternate aura to it? Not sure.. but I like the wordplay.. powerful..

    Here's My Poetry For The Rally

  2. Yes empty here I come :)
    Don''t most of us end up there anyway? When you have given so much, held on to hope that lied to you for so long, you have to protect yourself and welcome emptiness...enjoy the rally!

  3. well expressed sentiments,
    keep it up.

    Happy Rally.

  4. fabulous! Were you talking to me? :-) Because I heard you speaking xoxo Please visit me at

  5. Well done, emotive and stirring.

  6. whoa. so dark dangerous, like a spider lying in wait. wow!

  7. This font is amazing and the poem is even better!

  8. I don't know if this is one broken heart talking to another? Unrequited love? Or someone who feels they are being drawn to a darker place. Love it :)

  9. A great poem, full of imagery and double meanings. Really thought provoking.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  10. Wow..that was excellent..I loved it from the starting till the end..

  11. Reflection on the self, very strong!

  12. quite the struggle going on in such beautiful words. Love it!