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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Change *Sunday Scribblings 'Shine'*

I used to be afraid of myself,
of what I could do.
I trapped myself in helplessness,
in self-hatred.
I never knew that I could be so much more,
more than anyone could ever give me credit for,
that I could do what they were afraid to.
Then someone shined a light on me,
showing me that my flaws are my beauty,
my scars were what made me strong,
and I believed it.
I'm not afraid.
Now I walk into the light without fear,
without hesitation,
without hating myself.


  1. "my flaws are my beauty"...that's what makes us all so unique. We all shine.
    Nicely done.

  2. If only more of us would appreciate these little facts. What a great piece!

  3. This is a beautiful, self affirming poem. We need those, don't we?

    This is a beautiful blog. I love the font that you use!

    Well done, all around!

  4. You said it better than I ever could.

  5. What an insightful post. I believe that we all feel that way at times.

    Added myself as a follower. Best of luck on your endeavors.


  6. Well good for you! Stick with those views.

  7. Shine on!
    You describe a process many of us have experienced.
    Here is my shine piece:

  8. Beautiful poem and sentiments. I think most of us only tap a small percentage of our potentials. Great post.